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"Battenkill Meadows offers what we think is an extremely compelling buying opportunity. Each element of this development has been carefully thought through, designed beautifully, and built to exceptional standards. As the original purchasers into the neighborhood, we can attest to the true pleasure it has been to own a home at Battenkill Meadows. The combination of generous lot sizes and very significant common areas allow permanent residents the opportunity to make the most of their own property, while not overwhelming the second home buyer with expensive and timely maintenance requirements. We have truly enjoyed our home as a ‘turn key’ vacation home while not being confined to a condominium. 

In real estate they always say its always about “Location, Location, Location”.  Well, there is no beating the Location of Battenkill Meadows. Within 10 minutes you can be enjoying a swim at the quarry or a snack from the Dorset Store, skiing at Bromley, coffee and a book at Spiral Press and Northshire Books, or even golf at The Equinox! 


Battenkill Meadows offers the best of ALL worlds and we look forward to meeting new neighbors as they join our unique neighborhood. "


- Scott

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