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Sustainable Community

Battenkill Meadows

Battenkill Meadows, Vermont’s premier sustainable community, combines the latest in environmentally responsible design with historically inspired architecture right in the heart of some of the most beautiful scenery in New England. Modeled after a turn-of-the-20th century village lane, homes are clustered together, preserving open land and views.

Each house is individually designed to take advantage of its unique site. Using the most up-to date sustainable building practices we have set a new record in the state for high performance residential construction. These carefully crafted homes will save energy, money and natural resources while providing comfortable, quiet and healthy indoor environments.


We invite you to come see for yourself what sets the homes and community of Battenkill Meadows apart from any other place you may call home.

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Sustainable Detailing

Drawing from a pallet of Federal, Greek Revival and Late Nineteenth Century vernacular, each home is designed to compliment the next and create a sense of place that is Vermont.

Careful attention has been given to building proportions and architectural detailing in a way that seamlessly fuses contemporary living with the context of Southern Vermont.

Homeowners at Battenkill Meadows benefit from the comprehensive maintenance plan which includes lawns, meadows, gardens, roads, driveways and the ponds. This inclusive program saves valuable time and resources spent on property management.

Through careful study the houses at Battenkill Meadows have been crafted to a new standard of energy efficiency in Vermont. Each home combines high performance building technology with traditional design to deliver optimum comfort at a reduced operating cost and minimal environmental impact.


The Homes

Located just a mile and a half from downtown, Battenkill Meadows offers nine distinctive homes set on 24 acres of bucolic farmland.

This historically inspired community was planned as a turn of the century village lane nestled between the West Branch of the Battenkill River and fifteen acres of preserved meadow. Broad views across a one acre pond of the Taconic and Green Mountains complete the scene.



For additional information, or to schedule a showing, please contact one of our representatives.


Sunny Breen

(802) 379-8042

Mary Jo Gourd

(802) 375-4700

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